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[Rollback Request] SnoopDawgrr


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Account Name: SnoopDawgrr

Town name: / Character name : Town name "England"

Server: Dw.1.7

Coordinates: x:-990 z:-4514

Time/date[time/date you want it rolled back to]: About 4-5 months back (i dont know if that is possible tho, i just hope that it can be rollbacked to the point the stuff shows back)

Description of Issue: So i took a break playing on this server (mostly playing games at all) about the start/middle of september as far as i remember. Decided to join back 2 days ago and found out that most of the machines in my town have vanished (ME system, processing machines,cables,ect). To be honest i dont think its servers fault or anything, but more-likely my town members (BaBoon and BionicalGaming). I only have 1 suspect really which is BionicalGaming, because BaBoon havent logged back in since i last saw him in the server (about 6 months ago). I can say that 100% of ALL the work to the town i contribiuted on my own. BionicalGaming only joined at very start, made a hole in a mountain and never showed back really (only few times to look around). I just think its unfair to be in this situation and hope this can be resolved.?



Sincerely, SnoopDawgrr



(I'd add more of them but cant because of the total size)



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