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Hi good day. I write this post to suggest the plugging of [MyPet]. I do not know if you have had the pleasure of being able to try it once, it is one of my favorite pluggings and today, chatting with users, we found all the usual things in AssassinsCraft, we began to talk and we came to the conclusion that one of the pluggings that possibly make the time more entertaining is [MyPet] since we find a difficulty not only of fighting with mobs to capture them, but the pet has 100 levels which increases when killing mobs and players. I think that this plugging would be very good for pvp and pve, since the pet would help users to take advantage of these game modes. It is only a suggestion, I hope you take it into account. Thanks to i_Slendy_i who suggested that I create the post so that @brunyman or @Henk could possibly read it.
If in case they add it, I would like to know if they gave me a special pet in gratitude for recommending it, "Baby wither" maybe ❤️ xd
I want to clarify also that the type of pet does not reflect any advantage indepentently of the mob that is, because all the pets have the same damage.
Have a good day ❤️ 

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