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[Town Rollback Request] WhiteDuck

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Your Name: WhiteDuck
Town Name: temp
Coordinates: -4083 94 6428
Time/Date (Post a time/date when everything was fine): 03:30am GMT, 11/01/18
Description of Issue: Placed down a chest to connect to two energised itemducts and where a book receptacle used to be connected to a crystal ring, the chest placed down invisible then crashed me when I tried to open it, after which the server crashed any time I tried to join, SupaSpork tried removing the chest with worldedit which it said it did but was still there when I joined and crashed again, all the itemducts and conduits have turned invisible in my base from what I could see but this could just be them loading in before the server crashes.

I'm pretty sure the exact co-ordinates of the chest are -4083 94 6428 from other screenshots I took.
Screenshots (Optional): Screenshot_3.thumb.png.56cdc2c70b873457f73b08d1f7ea2213.png

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Some of the things have been rolled back, I don't mind it being rolled back an extra few hours which is before I even started working in that area.


Also could someone check it after rolling it back plus the surrounding chunks as people have tried removing before but the invisible chest doesn't seem to be getting effected by world edit at all and is still crashing the server when it's loaded in

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