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[unban] [archmaestro]


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[1] In-Game Username:

[2] Details of Situation:

Banned indefinitely for no reason

[3] Ban Category:


[4] Ban Duration:


[5] Staff Member:


[6] ScreenShots:


[7] Your Reason:

I have been banned in game for no reason. I have also been kicked from the craftersland discord. One staff member said discord punishment was supposed to be separated from the server, so what gives?


Edit: the van is for rule 20 + serious threats.


Given that I have made no threats, there is no basis for the ban.


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Any acknowledgement at all would be nice. It might prevent me from making another account and causing your staff to look like fools again.


You can't do something wrong like ban someone without a good reason and expect them not to do something about it. Don't believe me? Try it. I guarantee you'll regret your decision.


I'm looking at supaspork and henk, specifically, but anyone else who has something constructive to add: feel free to make a post. In 24 hours from this post I will initiate my contingency.


Remember: none of this would have happened if EPICfighters had been punished according to the craftersland rules in regards to griefing. 



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1) You were constantly Starting Arguments in the Server's Discord.

2) censored
3) Making insults & trying to spread hatred toward staff on the forums.

4) You were constantly trying to be within the grey zone of the rules.
         a) You made a town with a claim that went from Spawns Border to the far eastern World Border (about 400 Chunks long by 1 wide(4000+ blocks)) and named it "The_Wall" Simply to try to grief other players experience
         b) You made your nickname inappropriate and once again tried to defend it, even tried to hide it with the name colors, even tried lodging a complaint about the enforcement of the very minor rule.

5) (after you were banned)

          a) You tried to disclose a staff members personal information to the public.

          b) You were banned on the forums, then tried to make another to bypass the punishment

          c ) Made once again, another threat to the server

On 2/2/2019 at 9:46 AM, Archmaestro said:

Try it. I guarantee you'll regret your decision. 


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  • Founder

Since I only do work on server updates and maintenance and not play on the server I can't take any final decisions or influence it in any way, this community is driven by it's members so if most of staff decide for the ban it will stay. So far from what i can see there are plenty of threats staff saved.

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1.) I was mentioning the terrible actions of staff. The arguments are started when the staff responded and trolled/flamed me.


3.) Speaking the truth about someone is not insulting unless they are offended by the fact that they made mistakes. Muting me, trying to cover up what they did wrong? Any reasonable person would get angry.



A.) This is a conspiracy theory with no proof to back it up. No attempt to reduce the permissions was made at all. 

B.) This is another conspiracy theory. I had that name for weeks before the staff happened to get onto the server right after they ended an argument they started.


A.) All of the information gathered by me was available to anyone who can make 2 Google searches. Since the information was easily obtained with almost no effort, this doesn't stand.

B.) I made a ban appeal that was not looked at or acknowledged. 

C.) I have never made any substantial (or otherwise) threats towards the server. I, for one, would regret banning a good player who has been quite helpful to regular players frequently without asking for anything in return. The fact that you don't regret that speaks volumes about who you are as a person. 


Besides, I didn't do any of the claiming. 

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I don't know why you keep denying the fact that you have threatened us and Craftersland. You and me both know that you did, and I do have the proof..

Brunyman has also reviewed this behind closed doors and stands by the actions taken. So does the managers and Tekkit staff. They all understand why you were banned and what threats that you've made. 


And to be fair to you, I will copy and paste what I have already said to explain this ban to brunyman. 




Arch has been on the verge of earning himself a rule 20 ban for a very long time. Walking the thin line between the rules, always staying within the grayzone. Not the mention wasting our time with ridiculous complaints such as his latest one:


(WHICH, if you are uncertain what I mean by these "close calls", then just have a look at supasporks response.)



Which for all it is, is a staff member telling him not to have a penis as a nickname ingame. 

When actually trying to speak to him about this he would throw around insults and threats to report us to mojang and leaving negative reviews. I am not going to accept those kinds of threats and insults, so I then proceeded to mute him instead. 


When, moments later he sent me this:



This is when I banned him.


I refuse to allow threats like this stand, where he could wave around a flag that says " I'll sue " to get out of any punishment.


Later on he said the same on my profile: 



And finally now he has decided to share personal information about me in this unban appeal he has made. Which for the record wasn't hard at all to get, and I don't care for it- but he is obviously trying to be more threatening. 

(Which has since then been deleted by supaspork.)





And that's the bottom line, you will NOT be unbanned and this appeal is DENIED, recreating these topics will not change this fact and will only lead you to yet another ban. So don't waste your time with it. We take these threats very seriously and you should've thought about it before you did it. Your actions, your consequences.



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