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Problematic location found

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I was wandering around, looking for a cactus, when I happened upon a location that caused me to disconnect.
I have so far been unable to log back in due to this location causing me issues.

Location should be : 173, 62, -3786.

If I could somehow be relocated or maybe this section corrected somehow...  Or even delete my player file if need be.

In case it is needed the error I got at the location and any time I connect is :

[Netty Client IO #4/ERROR] [FML]: NetworkDispatcher exception
io.netty.handler.codec.DecoderException: Badly compressed packet - size of 143234685 is larger than protocol maximum of 2097152

Hope this helps and like I said, if you need to delete my player file to let me back in that's ok too.

Thank you.

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