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[Refund Request]Greynix


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Your Name: Greynix
Item Name + Amount: Matter Fabricator + 1
Coordinates (format x, y, z): 2441, 52, -2262
Coordinates of Death Tablet placed in a chest:
Description of Issue: Tried to pick it up my Matter Fabricator with a Pickaxe, but I only got an Advanced Machine Frame back.
Screenshots (Optional): 

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I didn't check which mod this item is from, only looked at the tooltip that is can be picked up with a Pickaxe (greeen fonts).
I just asked, because I have been receiving so much help on the server and everybody is so friendly.
Seems to be different in this forum. I can craft it again, no problem, just waste of time.
Would it cost you anything to refund it, how does it work technically?

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I apologize if you felt the forum wasn’t welcoming, it may have been that D3 didn’t find the correct words to deny your refund request.

The Refund Requests are for whenever for some reason the server bugs out and you lost items because of it, in this case since it was a personal error we can’t do a refund.

I personally can craft you the machine and trade it to you so you don’t “lose” progress but that isn’t a refund request and for these types of issues where you do an oopsie you can just tell us in the discord and we’ll figure it out.

About Tech Reborn machines needing to be picked up with a wrench I will talk to my superiors so we put up an announcement about that since it’s not the first time this happens.


Sincerely sorry if you felt we weren’t friendly enough, it was just a misunderstanding regarding the words used.


T/C - No answer -  Apr 26th

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