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Refund Request MaverickGoth


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Your Name: MaverickGoth
Item Name + Amount: 62 flux swords @ $400 each and approx 20 to 28 flux pickaxe @ $400 each
Coordinates: sent with "market sell 400" from my base. 
Description of Issue: I put a bunch of different items on the market to sell Sunday Morning, by 8pm Sunday afternoon the flux items where not in the market and I did not receive 

the money for them. I did for the other items I was selling as best I can tell.  I spoke to Spring_Water, but they were not able to help. Please talk to them. Thank You!
Screenshots (Optional): 

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To the staff member that handles this, we've had this issue in the past and as far as I know we don't know the cause. I've had players report about placing items in the market, only to find they are gone and their balance does not change. Just my experience for what it's worth on the topic.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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