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[refund request] villjo

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Your Name: villjo
Item Name + ID + Amount: well its enderium cows had like 80 but ill take like 10 so server doesnt oof, 
Coordinates: X=-9185,z=17202,y=140
Description of Issue: So i got a rollback request because my enderium cows where gone. before rollback i had around 80 enderium cows from breeding and about 1200 enderium blocks. I also had a large variety of cows in my other cage. I lost enderium cows so decided to form a rollback request. after rollback my enderium cows where gone, and now my other cows are gone along with the 1200 enderium blocks.  BTW ive talked to other people and sounds like thanos has been snapping to much and many peoples cows are gone.


LIST OF COWS THAT ARE GONE. I need two of each to be able to rebuild my population.
dark steel
destabilized restone

Screenshots (Optional): 

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