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1] In-Game Username:

Discord name Geeky#0169
[2] Details of Situation:

this part is where i am really confused about, so i got banned from the craftersland discord server without me doing anything and i really hope you can trust me on this but i dont know why and what happened but i was a like stand in my city and when i come home i was banned i really dont know what more to say

[3] Ban Category:

idk i just got banned but some mods say that i hacked a bot or smth and bypassed something with the server and i havent done anything of that i am 13 and dont know how to hack and bypass a system

[4] Ban Duration:

idk maybe perm ban but i really dont know i am really confused and upset since i got no info on the ban or anything i am really confused and i dont how long ot lasts


[5] Staff Member:


[6] ScreenShots:

i dont really know what to post here

[7] Your Reason:

my reason to be unbanned is that i havent done anything at all i am completely inocent i dont know what happened and all i know is that a bot or someone gave me staff and i got banned for it when i didnt do anything please belive me i love this server and i dont want to leave it becuase of a false ban thankyou ~Felix

its the same as the other one but this is taking so damn long so i made another one just like the other one

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i dont even know what tebex bot is!!! why would it give me a role of a staff member!! please listen! i am a 13 year old kid and you are saying that i am hacking a texeb bot or whatever to give me staff!?!? i mean can you at least try to look into it I HAVE NOT DONE ANYTHING!


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I believe you, same as many others do, but i think you just have to go on like it is. life isnt always fair same as people are. I know it annoys you  more bcs it's unfair than you actually care about the server, since that wouldn't be worth it.

Also @Reverser, how are you sure it wasn't the bots fault? Maybe it is just a bug and a unlucky accident? In this case it would be a clear false and unfair ban...

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