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  1. @Dantecitoh ? Also Bumpx2
  2. [1] In-Game Username: Geeksu [2] Details of Situation: False Banned on the craftersland discord, The staff told me that i somehow tricked a bot or something to give me staff role on the discord [3] Ban Category: Discord Ban [4] Ban Duration: no idea, nobody told me anything [5] Staff Member: Exief i think [6] ScreenShots: Dont think its nessecary [7] Your Reason: I am completely innocent, i would never do such a thing, i used to love this server but now i rarely play since i feel like nobody cares anymore. Like you think that I a kid hacked a advanced discord bot and gave myself staff when i played on the server everyday spent lots of money on it just to get banned? I hope you at least could look into it. ~Geeksu Thankyou
  3. i dont even know what tebex bot is!!! why would it give me a role of a staff member!! please listen! i am a 13 year old kid and you are saying that i am hacking a texeb bot or whatever to give me staff!?!? i mean can you at least try to look into it I HAVE NOT DONE ANYTHING!
  4. nevermind dont need it xD
  5. Rank:Sponsor Requested Commands: /time Reason for Request: Change time to prevent mob spawning and being annoying when i build.
  6. happy birthday :)


    1. Kattegat


      Late thank you ^^ 


  7. That would be amazing, i personally think that this is a really good Suggestion
  8. ive waited since September 25, 2019 lmfao this is the second post since jimmel stopped the post since i bumped to many times so yea i am expecting a faster response than waiting a full 3 months or smth like that
  9. You can make a password reset using this template Ik im no staff but i wanted to help
  10. 1] In-Game Username: Discord name Geeky#0169 [2] Details of Situation: this part is where i am really confused about, so i got banned from the craftersland discord server without me doing anything and i really hope you can trust me on this but i dont know why and what happened but i was a like stand in my city and when i come home i was banned i really dont know what more to say [3] Ban Category: idk i just got banned but some mods say that i hacked a bot or smth and bypassed something with the server and i havent done anything of that i am 13 and dont know how to hack and bypass a system [4] Ban Duration: idk maybe perm ban but i really dont know i am really confused and upset since i got no info on the ban or anything i am really confused and i dont how long ot lasts [5] Staff Member: Exief [6] ScreenShots: i dont really know what to post here [7] Your Reason: my reason to be unbanned is that i havent done anything at all i am completely inocent i dont know what happened and all i know is that a bot or someone gave me staff and i got banned for it when i didnt do anything please belive me i love this server and i dont want to leave it becuase of a false ban thankyou ~Felix its the same as the other one but this is taking so damn long so i made another one just like the other one
  11. xD im pretty sure you cant get /vanish neither /enderchest other its a staff command and you are not staff and i dont think /hat is a command on this server
  12. Geeksu

    Claimed areas!!!

    Really Really good idea thankyou lmao
  13. You should maybe move this to modded ?
  14. @Akademee its not xD make a post under the server with the right template wich is here and the correct section so you dont put a reactivation under network if its a other server ik i aint no helper but i hope its okay i say this? xD or help him? lmao
  15. most likely an admin checking your stuff for duplicated/illegal etc
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