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  1. happy birthday :)


  2. Hello! I am wondering why there is no report command for the pure survival server? It is very important for the normal player to be able to report any kind of actions that break the community rules. In this way, the staff can do their work much easier with feedback from the players. For instance, if someone is spamming or cheating in any way, anyone should be able to use a command like /report [player_name] [reason], afterwards, that report could be stored somewhere for any staff to be able to read in-game or not. Maybe something like the current mail plug-in, because I think it would be much faster than reporting someone via the forum.
  3. 2013 BEST YEAR! First option because you can work on controlling your (random) thoughts.
  4. Back after 3 years... uhh... Salut
  5. The best song forever to play at a funeral : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I_izvAbhExY&feature=kp
  6. About all the sloth posts that have ocurred recently...
  7. That also means "indifference" you know...
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