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Ftb Revelation needs a wipe


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Hello, i as well as other players believe we should have a server wipe. The TPS tanks(<8) with 8 people and on busy day's ,restarts occur  multiple times per hour. There are tons of laggy bases abandoned all over the world which need deletion and newbies always ask if the server  lags so much all the time(then they leave). I hope this is considered and have a nice day!

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I can absolutely understand it!

On the one hand it would reduce the lag by far of course, on the other hand it would be really frustrating for some people right now. In my case, it would be really annoying, since I've been playing for only 3 weeks and my complete progress would be gone.


The best thing we can do is to vote.





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We must think collectively. Everyone who says they are against it because they have just started or because they do not have an advanced base ... There will always be new people and always people who want to continue.
Except that there is a moment when a reset is welcome for the majority of players. The worst thing is that some people will not vote because they have been gone for months. The last reset was 9 months ago. It's huge and completely illogical for me.
There have been updates to the modpack but the world too needs an update. Some TPS issues will not be resolved, but others will. New terrain up to date with the modpack version without all the bases of inactive players who sometimes lagged when chunkloaded ...


This is my opinion and I ask for a survey for a reset in the coming weeks.

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The server has been wipe less than 4 month ago. It won't be again a few more month.

Personnaly, I stop playing on Craftersland Server for now.


But 36 void miners is just stupid, like 2 ore, 1 ressource and 1 botanic is enough for one player even for late game because tier 6 with speep upgrade is OP.

So it's normal that base like your just get delete.


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