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Refund Request


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Your Name: MercilessKiiier


Item Name + ID + Amount:

Awakened Draconium Block ID:1656 Amount:29

Awakened Core ID:5639 Amount: 8

Draconic Core ID:  Amount: 192 (3 Stacks)

Wyvern Core ID:   Amount: 32



Coordinates:  X: -429 Z: -2655 Y: 50 (3)


Description Of Issue: In the afternoon I had just finished making a nice supply of Draconic items for various purposes selling, crafting and spawner upgrades I tossed them into my ME as i decided to work on my base and remodel it shortly after the server got a rollback of just a minutes or two and I thought nothing of it until just now when I went to go grab the said items and they were gone and the materials I used to make them also gone so I can only assume the restart somehow ate the items or my ME system did. 

(Im not putting draconic items in my ME anymore this is the second time its ate them)

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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