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Refund Request Sorry In Advance Its Long


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Your Name: MercilessKiiier


Item Name + ID + Amount: 

Nether Star Blocks ID: 2195 Amount: 113

Signalum Blocks ID: 1225:10 Amount: 67

Signalum Ingots ID: 5141:74 Amount: 130

Dense Emerald Ore ID: 2704:4 Amount: 13

64K Storage Cells ID: 4353 Amount: 8

Material Coal Block Dimlet ID: 7004:38 Amount: 1

Material Gold Block Dimlet ID: 7004:31 Amount: 1

Unknown Dimlet ID: 7003 Amount: 470

Vibrant Alloy Ingots ID: 5749:2 Amount: 113

16K Crafting Storage ID: 455:2 Amount: 400

Crafting Co-Processing Units ID: 454:1 Amount: 400

Cryo Stabilized Flux-Ducts ID: 2533:6 Amount: 350

Resonant Machine Frames ID: 2678:3 Amount: 70

BC Silicon Lasers ID: 1279 Amount: 170

Blank Patterns ID: 4362:52 Amount: 30

Pure Mana Blocks ID: 1794 Amount: 50

Dimension Builder ID: 2347 Amount: 1

Dimension Researcher ID: 2344 Amount: 1

Dimension Enscriber ID: 2346 Amount: 1

Dimension Editor ID: 2349 Amount: 1

Dimension Scrambler ID: 2345 Amount: 1

Dimension Workbench ID: 2384 Amount: 1

Vote Crate Keys ID: UNKNOWN Amount: 180

Legendary Crate Keys ID: UNKNOWN Amount: 20

Tessaracts ID: 2675 Amount: 2

Ender Quarry ID: 1828 Amount: 3

Speed III Upgrade ID: 1829:8 Amount: 1

Pump I Upgrade ID: 1829:9 Amount: 1


Coordinates:  X: -430 Z: -2657 Y: 50 (3)


Description Of Issue: This goes with the draconic refund I made earlier about the server reset I discovered they didn't dissapear from my ME system but instead the whole drive did after the reset as well as the 64k Storage cells filled with items in the drive with the mentioned above items which are the main ones i wish to get back and my reason for not requesting a rollback for the chunk is becuase this happened at least 6-8 hours ago and I would rather get some of the items back (the listed above items) then get them all back and re-do all this work any refunded items would be much appreciated. 

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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