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Town Rollback - spongeBLOB112


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Your Name: spongeBLOB112
Town Name: john
Coordinates: 465, 75, -3957
Time/Date (Post a time/date when everything was fine): 4/21 4:00PM PST
Description of Issue: 

I went afk for about 20 minutes between 4:00PM PST and 5:00PM PST when this happened. 

Parts of the main center chunk of my base disappeared. I am very suspicious that it is worldedit, as only the top portion of the base seemed to have been "swiped off" at Y level 72, or just above the ME crafting terminal, where my ME drives were located, as well as hoppers and chests that funneled into machines. Also, another section of the base was deleted, where the mystcraft books are in the screenshot. This section had parts of my mob grinder tesseract output as well as my mystcraft desk. There were no items on the ground.

Screenshots (Optional): 



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