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[Island Rollback Request] StoicBeliever

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Your Name: StoicBeliever
Island Owner Name: NilocM9
Coordiantes: 13000,194000,144
Time/Date (Post a time/date when everything was fine): 21/04/2020
Description of Issue: Got on after a couple days break to find all the me drives gone and a bunch of cables disconnected. Almost looks glitched, not sure if it was griefed or some game error.
Screenshots (Optional): 

disconnected cabled.png

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It is a common bug regarding chunk loaders, a fix is removing them, going to spawn to unload the chunks, waiting a little and then going back to your island. As for getting timed out, I'm assuming you picked up all the drives from your storage system, which in turn stored too much data in your inventory and that's why you crash. Your options either are making a inventory and island rollback request to before the AE-System got messed up and hope the timestamps work out, asking for an inventory wipe but losing all your drives with that, or logging on through a chat client and letting your friend transfer the items out of your inventory into a chest through a PIM. Feel free to respond with your prefered solution.

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