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[Rollback Request] GreenandBlack20 [DW1.7] The curse of AE2

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Account Name: GreenandBlack20

Town name: PANZER

Character name : GreenandBlack20


Coordinates: X:2252 Z:579

Time/date: 29.4.2020 16:00 (GMT+2)

Description of Issue:

So my issue started when my friend stopped playing on the DW 1.7 server and moved to DDSS server , He had a huge base and i asked him if I can take it and move it to my base and he said yea and I started putting things into his ME system and after it was all done it was time to move the Me system. Me being an idiot I just destroyed the ME drives with the storage cells , picking it into my inventory and putting them in my resonant satchel with soulbound enchant, also Fireandpocpoc was near and he picked like 3 cells with the Blood Magic magnet thingy , after almost all of the cells were in the satchel(maybe around 40), we both got kicked out of the server. Fireandpocpoc just tried to log back in, it said he is already logged in , he waited like 30 seconds , tried again and it worked but for me on the other hand I just started crashing. We both assumed that the problem was me having the cells in the inventory and started thinking how to get the cells out without me logging on the server on pc. The first plan was to use pixelchat to log in , tpa to Fireandpocpoc to nether where he would kill me , destroy the grave and use the vacuum to put items into chest but as soon as I tped to him he got kicked out,wasn't able to login and had to use pixelchat to get to spawn so that plan didn't work... Plan 2: create RFTools dimension , tpa me there using pixelchat ,leave me there while leaving the dimension and shut the dimension down so that it will kill me and it worked. After setting something that will remotely destroy the grave and the vacuum with chest attached for safety we than realized that the cells are in satchel with SOULBOUND enchant on it so it is still in my inventory and I was still crashing( and yes I used pixelchat to get me on spawn and also using /bukkit:kill after Plan 2).Maybe If we would repeat it multiple times the enchant would wear off but there still isn't any way to get the cells out of it,so I came here asking for town and inventory rollback.


Lesson learnt.When the chat sometimes says that the minecraft inventory isn't designed for massive modded madness storage or something like that,listen to it and when you are moving your me storage cells, don't move them all at once.Unless of course you have like 4 of them , than go ahead.

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