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Kaszanka don't be so harsh when it's not needed.


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Don't issue warnings for something as trivial as this. Decent players who made a 1 sentence joke don't deserve this.

Someone was confused when I replied I was a Dutchie. He asked if I was German, I said no. The only words/sentence that was said in German:


"player: Ah, spreche sie dann deutch (do you speak german)

me: Nein, ich verstehe ihr nicht (no, i dont understand you)

player: das ist nicht gut (thats not good)

me: haha we better keep engish"

And that is enough to give us warnings? Yes it's in the rules to speak english in chat: if you wanna be a rule enforcer you can enforce that for every single word. Even the non-existing words you yourself make up by yourself all the time.... as a joke ofc, but so was this.

But no it wasn't needed; its a very dictatorial. We're decent players and yes we know the rules, but this was 1 joke, furthermore I immediately suggested we should talk eng again. 

The decent thing would have been (if you REALLY felt the need to adress this trivial thing) is to mention it in chat. Instead of dishing out warnings without saying a word.


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At the end of the day it is the staff responsibility to uphold the rules, and breaking them do have consequences.

I agree that this could of just been dealt with just a Verbal Warning ingame like not to speak foreign languages in General Chat and to take it to PM's.
(Which you yourself said right after saying the foreign language to speak in English in global, followed by spartisa also noting this.)
But its up to the staff if they will be lenient in enforcing the rules, I am talking over the issue with Kaszanka so we can try to tone down punishments that could be settled with just verbal intervention first.

Hopefully this settles this situation and we can all get along and enjoy playing the game together.


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