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Items Deleted On Island Creation


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IGN: Destrokin

Items Lost:
[10,10,10] Emerald Chickens - 16
Chocholate Cake - 64
Philosopher stone - 1
Lava egg - 1 
quest book - 1
The starting akashic tome (With all books inside) - 1
red matter chestpiece - 1
Diamonds - 32
2Legendary keys - 2
And whatever else you start with...

All my items were deleted upon doing /is create

I tried using nividia shadow play to get a screen shot but it was turned off for some reason (I turned it on for future use)

P.S. all the items like the 10,10,10 emerald chickens were bought through the market before is creation

edit: 1x $5 bill
        2x $1 Bills

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