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Inappropriate punishment + complain about mikewerf


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Inappropriate punishment

Hello dear staff members and everyone else who is reading this.


Couple days ago I was punished by warning + god mode removal for "PvP Scamming" from staff opinion, (Aka Self protection in my opinion). I was being attacked while having god mode on, then turning it off so I could be able to also do damage and possibly kill players after they do damage to me, staff (mikewerf and EPICfighters) found it as rule violation... Day before I was told by mike that what I was doing is rule violation, soo I stopped immediately and didn't do it again. The next day I received warning and my god mode was removed, due to "PvP Scamming" as staff said.

I contacted EPIC, explaining that they were attacking me first, and not me them, he just didn't care about that, he just said they did investigation and found me guilty, and during the investigation they never contacted me to ask at least one question to understand what happened from my side.

My opinion

In my opinion, It was not PvP scam because maybe when I have god mode on, people can't do damage to me, but when I turning it off, and they hit me at least once and see that now I am taking damage, just from thinking a bit it is possible to understand that if before they were not able to do damage to me, but when they did now and been able + in additional me having sword and armour on me, it is possible to simply understand that possible PvP may be going on now.

In last situation, when someone tried to attack me, I never killed that person, I did damage to him. After he hit me with his sword, I shoot him with my bow to make damage to him (While having god OFF (He did damage to me)), and after that he just started saying that I am cheater and I am having god mode on.. (I don't think it was my issue that with his sword he did less damage to me cause I also had armour, then me to him with my bow that was enchanted when he possibly did not had any armour (Maybe he had power suit that was invisible, not sure...) (He for sure didn't had chestplate cause he had jetpack there).. He did damage to me, I shoot him back to defense myself and show him to not attack me... (I did damage to him, I did not kill him)


Complain about mikewerf

For the past time, I see more people that are coming on on me and starting harrasing me, mikewerf as staff member that has been checking logs 2 times as I know (was told by him), he been seeing only when I did something wrong, and punishing me (Example: inappropriate nickname (No, I am not complaining about it, it is just example, I am taking responsibility about it)). While seeing when I was doing something wrong, he "never saw" those people that were harrasing me, even after talking with EPICfighter about this, he told that he will gonna tell mike to punish them, and here we are 2/3 days after and they are not punished yet, so its only shows me inappropriate work of staff member (No harrasment, I am saying what I see from my side). He sees only when I am doing something, and not looking on other players. (Screenshots added)



From my opinion, I been too nice to other people (Yes, maybe sometimes I was rude, but at least I was one of those who is not staff and been next to people when they needed help and tried to help them when needed, and tried to respect everyone), but when I see such a behavior to my address from staff member and disrespect (while at that point I been respecting every staff member), it is just something.. I am pretty disappointed about all this situation, I was hoping I would never be needed to make complain about an staff member, but sometimes you have to do what you have to.


EPICfighter, I am sorry (please don't get me wrong), but I would like to request other manager to review this topic if that is possible.







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XD I'm hoping the 2 years thing was a joke. I will say, even though my rank is low and I'm not a staff on the server that the issue arose on after reading it all, I do think it warrants a more thorough investigation from different staff (other then the 2 who was involved in issuing the consequence. I can say from personal experience having god mode on a server with PVP is almost impossible to be able to side on the user with god mode. There's just no way to prove what you're saying is accurate and that it was decidedly removed after taking damage. Although I will say this much if it is deemed that you lose god mode just take it with a grain of salt. From what I can see in the screenshots provided though there is enough to grant a punishment for inappropriate conduct or more from the players who were jumping at you and making sexually explicit comments. Although I will say again. I am not a staff on that server nor do I know the exact workings of it. 

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