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[Refund Request] AlphaMatheus36


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1. Username: AlphaMatheus36

(Lost 6 exp tomes which I bought to add the enchants)

2. Lost Tide Guardian Leggings (Purple) 

3. The enchants the leggings had were 

- Advanced Protection IV

- Agility II

- Evasion III

- Advanced Mending

- Unbreaking III

- I don't remember if it was advanced thorns II or advanced thorns III which ever one works for it not to be too expensive is what I put

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  • PapaMaoDONG changed the title to [Refund Request] AlphaMatheus36

Yes, PapaMaoDONG, sorry for the later response. The server did a restart, but it didn't restart for some reason. It was like almost a 5 minute delay. Everyone on the server knows about this as well. Some others reported about losing mystic keys, other gear etc due to this in-game bug. I was enchanting my brand new leggings, which I listed the enchants as well. The server then logged me out, and I saw it said "server restarting" so I waited patiently. After about 1 minute, I logged back on like wise, and found that my leggings had gone missing, and I put up banners in my house earlier as well, which you can check in my base, but they ended up duping. I placed all 5 down and they are still in my house but I somehow still have 5 banners in inventory? I threw those banners away bc of dupe bug, but I think that had some correlation as why my leggings went missing. Even the new anvil I had duped. The entire server was buggy after that restart. The only thing I really cared about was my leggings that had gone missing. I listed the enchants and color, so if you could get me that refunded, much appreciated. ❤️

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