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isle, money, etc. gone

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hi, i was really sick/ill and inactive due to this -.-
so now i've lost my isle with 100 millions of resources, my homes, money (was nearly 500k), etc.
my isle was around the coords: x: 7423 y: 3 z: -11521

was it all deleted forever due to a purge or just kicked out for inactivity? if my isle, etc. is still there, can i have it back? (btw. you can see other posts from me in this forum that shows that i had a isle around this coords, for proof).

and btw. i have sponsor+ rank if this does matter.

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thx for your answer.
i was at the coords location with fly, there's now another isle, so yeah all my stuff, etc. was sadly deleted...
i have to rebuild and farm everything again... i thought my isle, stuff, etc. was still there, but nope.

thx and close request, my question was answered (isles, money, etc. got deleted after 3 months inactive...)

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uhh d34d, it was in middle december 2019 where i got really sick and inactive due to this sickness, so like 6-7 months ago...
i didn't knew there were a server wipe and rank reactivation o.O  i maybe write a request or i begin from ground on, i'm not sure about... i think i sleep a few days over this before i make a final decision.

but from when is the world save? (which date/month?) and what if my old isle, money, etc. was deleted before the wipe was? then it's useless to write a request.

thx for the answer.

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The server was wiped in March, this year. Since it was a full wipe, it's a fresh start for everyone and you can't get anything from the old world into the new one.

About the rank reactivation, it gives you the rewards you got from your rank (money, keys and other stuff) again, just make a post following the Reactivation template.

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