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  1. I will restate what D34D said, we can move the claim, But you will need to ask a online staff member to move it manually. We cannot expand the claim because in some aspects the can be a unfiar advantage.
  2. Hello, If you've been inactive for around 3+ months than its likely deleted, And no the Sponsor+ rank shouldn't affect anything.
  3. /spawn can sell some stuff. You can also use /market and sell something to other players if you'd like.
  4. Hello, It does take quit a bit (1-3 days) to get the reward.
  5. Hello, Can you translate this to english? Thanks.
  6. Hello, Are you making a reset request and a glitch/bug report? if so please do it in the respective place. (two diffrent posts) Thanks.
  7. Hello, There is another way (The way I use SF4) Is on twitch, you can download twitch and go under mods serch SF4 (Sky factory 4) and than play, no forage required!
  8. In-Game Nickname: GlazzingSunYT Your username (Optional): SRocket Time and Date: 5/22/2020 10:20 Description of what happened: This guy asked me for some book & quills because he said he was writing a bible. In chat a few minnutes later he says "Bookbot 1" than a bunch of random messages I belive he is duping Screenshots or Proof: https://imgur.com/a/NB1Kh46 List of eyewitnesses: Zapakna
  9. In-Game Nickname: GlazzingSunYT, GLADE_Runner Your username (Optional): SRocket Time and Date: 10:50, 5/21/2020 Description of what happened: GlazzingSunYT Has been demanding stuff from me and other players last night and this night. Today him and his friend started verbaly harrasing me. (violation of Rule 15) Screenshots or Proof: https://imgur.com/a/o0CddNv List of eyewitnesses: Nivium_Gaming
  10. Srocket


    Okay I was just wondering because theres never staff on SF4 Thanks
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