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[Town Rollback Request] Lookchub

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Your Name: Lookchub
Town Name: Craftervill
Coordinates: -25, 58, -3394
Time/Timezone/Date (Post a time/date when everything was fine): 17:00       GMT-4    30/6/20 (Month/day/year)
Description of Issue: I am a member of the town Craftervill. I hopped on to the town to do some thaumcraft infusions (thats where all the thaumcraft stuff was). Retired for the night.... woke up and found the base completely griefed with ME system destroyed, lava, water, obsidian, and sewage everywhere. Aura nodes broken some causing big explosions. If you manage to roll back the town pls try to figure out who did this and how they did it so they may not do it again.
Screenshots (Optional): 

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[Refund Request] Lookchub

Your Name: Lookchub
Item Name + ID + Amount: Quantum Armor
Description of Issue: I made it with stuff bought from other people and since stuff is not on market anymore... i cant make it again. 

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