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[Town Rollback Request] *Fang Langford* (dba Ingenieur_13)


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Your Name: Fang Langford  (dba Ingenieur_13)

Town Name: Mayhemstadt

Coordinates: -244, 80, 128 (8) and chunks nearby 

Time/Timezone/Date: 8:28:36 CDT (-5 GMT) / 6 July, 2020

Description of Issue: I'm not sure I'll have Internet in the hospital and last time I needed to take a long break the server reset. It would be nice not to lose my whole build this time (I'm a little bit farther with it than last time, but I haven't had a chance to screenshot or 'film' it yet.)

Is there any possibility someone could copy the build (for pasting)? (Those Collapsible Carpenters' Blocks are a lot of work!) Don't worry about the edges of the observation deck or the elevator, just make sure to catch the head, sail, fins, and the tail.

No sweat if it isn't possible; I didn't think it would hurt to ask; I guess I can start over again if necessary.  Thanks for looking into this.

Stay safe and healthy,


p.s. Don't worry about the contents of the drawers and chests in my laboratory, I can donate enough to replace it all (including overall construction materials for the dirigible).



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Hello Ingénieur,


besides the spawn building there is nothing copied to a new map.  Also I don´t think world edit can handle the collapsable blocks anyways, I know that when the normal carpenters blocks are copy-pasted they all reset to default form and placement.


I think those collapsable blocks you will have to redo on a map reset, but for the rest of your build(s) maybe you can use:


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Wow!  I mean it! Oh wow!

It took awhile to get around to it, but Schematica works.  Oh boy, does it work.

It did indeed record the Carpenters' Collapsible Blocks correctly, in shape and sculpting.  It also did for all the Forge Microblocks I was using. It even captured the colours I had used. It caught every detail. It even showed the content diagrams for each of my Storage Drawers; you can see what's in every one.

After examining the image from every conceivable angle, there was only one thing it didn't record.  I used a fair number of Leadstone Fluxducts to power the monstrosity.  I mean it copied the nodes, but the connections weren't there. If I complained about that, I'd be the worst kind of birdbrained idiot. (If you set the nodes, they auto-connect.) It even drew the Structureduct Covers, in appropriate colours.

However, the print function of Schematica does not work.  This is common on many servers, according to my research. I can't care any less when it captures all those miriad slopes I sculpted with the Carpenters' Collapsible Blocks.

What this means is I will be able to rebuild the "Villain's Hammerhead Shark Dirigible" on any Infinity Evolved server anywhere from now on!

Well done boys! This has to be the number one best IE server I've had the pleasure to be on. Great management, great support, knowledgeable staff, excellent response on the forum both in turnaround time and accuracy, you've got everything.  I'm so glad I donated.  I think I'll do it again.

With My Eternal Thanks,

Fang Langford

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