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Inventory rollback request


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Your Name: JairBolsonaro69
Coordinates: x: -5255 y: 63 z: -2171
Time/Date (Post a time/date when everything was fine): It was around 10:30 am (GMT-3)
Description of Issue: I was in a town area located at a desert and unfortunelly, i overheated, after that, i couldnt get my items back (i dont remember the town name, only got the coords)
Screenshots (Optional): I have screenshots of the stuff on the ground, but dont know how to post it, althrough i can send it on discord if needed

ps: if its not possible to get the inventory back, the items were:


Complete power suit with: energy shield, jetpack, all leg movement upgrades, heat sink, kinectic generator, active camo, impact absorbers

Flux sword with sharp IV and fire asp II

Flux pickaxe with eff IV and umb III 

And a crescent hammer.

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