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FTB Interactions Server updated to mod pack version 2.0.5!


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Server address:  it.craftersland.net


FTB Interactions 2.0.5! This is a small update with mods updates, tweaks and quests updates.

IMPORTANT! FTB Team decided to stop updates on Twitch launcher, so you can find the latest version only on our CraftersLand Launcher or on FTB App.



  • Updated 8 mods
  • Updated all configs and scripts
  • Server maintenance complete


The update is also available on our Launcher,  download here: LINK


Official change log:



New speedrun victory by Bugzy
New record is 27m59s!

Mod updates:

Config Changes:    
    Zombies no longer break stuff, this is both to improve server performance and based on player feedback
    Air sealer power multiplier reduced, each should consume around 22rf/t now instead of 525rf/t
    Fixed bloodstone working as t4 altar caps, they should no longer work in place of skystone
    Blue steel durability lowered by 40%

Quest Changes:
    Fixed many typos and dependency issues
    More quests accept up to a tier above or below for the required machine now
    Polyethylene questline no longer gated by steam cracked naptha
    added more descriptions to chemical quests
    Netherwart chicken now only gated by nether checkmark quest
    Latticite chicken now gated by radon
    Vinteum chicken quest now gated by Euclydes Prime visit
    Remote logistics request quest added
    Added a recipe for the cyclic step assist apple
    Added a quest for the Cyclic step assist apple
    Added a shifting star quest with an explaination of perk resetting and a choice option of irradiant stars
    Added a quest to earn a gas turbine by learning about menril crystals and methane byproducts
    Added a infinite RF generator spectre coil reward for learning about spectre networks and wireless energy transfer
    updated enchanting questline to show new values for enchantments min levels, added a junk drawer reward
    added a quest for skullfire sword
    Radon quest no longer autocompletes
    Squeezer and arboreal extractor quests should now properly complete    
    Added a quest in the bloodmagic tree explaining how to obtain netherite
    Added new questline for rubber and rubber sheets in the LV chemistry tab    
    Added quest text on how to find/process Gallium
    Added an enderman hunting quest for a void shuriken reward

Recipe Changes:
    Logistics pipe crafters now craft 8 per craft instead of 1
    User contributed script by Eutro now allows for recoloring your botania wand of the forest with different colored petals
    thaumcraft native clusters are no longer craftable via crucible
    Integrated dynamics world block exporter shapecraft recipe has been moved to the an assembler to address nbt clearing shapecraft conflict
    Ore Multiplication - 
        Niobium dense variant added
        uncraftable clusters have been hidden from jei to reduce clutter
    Aquamarine can now be crafted in the crucible with sapphire dust + 6 praecantatio and 2 permutatio
    Aquamarine now contains the aspects 5 praecantatio and 1 sensus 
    Tiny blaze powder can now directly shapecraft into tiny sulfur powder
    Logistics remote orderer and remote request pipe now require diamante crystals instead of resonanting crystals, effectively moving their gating down to MV
    Cyclic Glowing Helmet/Nightvision helm durability increased to 450
    ender fluid conduits are now cheaper
    glowstone and redstone can no longer be cast in a tinkers basin
    Netherite blocks can now be forge hammered into netherite ingots
    ME cell recipes all require iron ingots instead of plates
    Fixed more inconsistencies with ore multiplication values 
    Modular machinery laser schematic crafitng should output correct nbt data now
    Bloodmagic magician's blood orb now requires 12500 LP instead of 25000 to craft
    Aevitas paper now requires mana powder instead of fluxed phytogrow
    Added alternate PolyVinylChloride recipe: Polyethyelene + Chlorine 
    Enderium now EBfs at 2500k instead of 4500k
    enriched astral egg now produces 50% less starlight
    primordial pearls now have a 4.5x starlight multiplier, increased from 2.0x
    AE2 Drive bays now require stainless plates instead of skystone
    Bronze hulls and bricked bronzed hulls can now be crafted more cheaply in the alloy smelter
    Precision assembler recipe is now less.... terrible
    porcelain bricks can now be smelted to normal bricks
    spicey chicken now produces peppercorns instead of ginger
    Bloodmagic Frame parts are now craftable with a manasteels screw and small steel gear for 2
    Brine tower quest reward is far more generous now
    Thermal Elemental DML Module now requires only the base dust and not the *Theum variants to craft
    reinforced upgrades for Thermal expansion now require structural glass instead of hardened glass    
    Astral sorcery marble can now be crafted from porcelain bricks with a pure daisy transformation
    Bluesteel can now be used to craft thaumium and manasteel more cheaply
    Polymer clay can now be alloyed by using 1 clay + 8 enriched plastic eggs = 8 polymer clay
    diamond chest upgrades now require 4 diamond plates instead of 8
    Added Zen summoning rituals for:
    Blizz, Blitz and Basalz
    rocket fuel's EU per bucket increased by 85k eu

    Fixed a few formatting/typos in loot tables making a couple pieces not generate where they should
    Fixed several cased filename issues to improve linux compatibility



Cross mod interactions!


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