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FTB Interactions Server updated to mod pack version 2.0.6!


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Server address:  it.craftersland.net


FTB Interactions 2.0.6! This is a small update with updated mods, quests and crafting recipe.

IMPORTANT! FTB Team decided to stop updates on Twitch launcher, so you can find the latest version only on our CraftersLand Launcher or on FTB App.



  • Updated 9 mods
  • Updated all configs and scripts
  • Server maintenance complete
  • Increased mob spawn rate for monsters and animals


The update is also available on our Launcher,  download here: LINK


Official change log:


Mod updates:

Config Changes:    
    Manastorm reactor mana multiplier increased to 15
    The entire questbook has been converted to use localization, interactions can now support multiple languages in its questbook
    if you'd like to contribute please do so@https://github.com/FTBTeam/FTB-Interactions
    Special thanks to community member Xinyuan-Liu for helping make this possible

    Added chinese localizations for questbook

Quest Changes:
    Astral Sorcery research is now fully unlocked in the luminous crafting table quest completion
    fixed typos
    Vacuumulator and hopperhock quest now accept variants
    stellar alloy ingot quest should now accept either variant
    infinity chicken quest now detects 10/10/10 version
    foundations of flight now only requires 8 structural frames
    added quest for ME controller with nice rewards
    added new quest text and rewards to several quests that were lacking (this is a WIP, will be continuing to add more in subsequent updates)
    rock crystal quest now accepts the ore or rock crystal

Recipe Changes:
    fixed signalum recipe to use sterling silver
    Lossless cable uncrafting community contributed script, thanks to llearch
    added shapeless recipe to convert TC native clusters to proper content tweaker variants
    Added recipe for tormented enderman head
    added recipe for soularium bowstring in the extruder
    Ae energy cell recipe now results in 6 energy cells instead of 1
    quartz fiber recipe now yields 8 per craft instead of 1
    quartz glass now yields 4 per craft
    covered cables now craft in 3 seconds instead of 10
    covered cables now require 2mb of PTFE instead of 5
    illuminated panels now craft in 100ticks instead of 200
    AE terminals are now assembler recipes but require less components to craft (No longer requires palis/restonia crystals)
    AE crafting terminal now takes a standard crafting table against instead of a logistics request table 
    AE drive bays no longer require PTFE/ultimate alloys, now they require reinforced alloys and are an assembler recipe (Mv tier)
    added alternate ordering for making dough in the basin so order shouldn't matter now
    me controller recipe should now use either variant of stellar alloy
    HotNaquadah now properly cools in the vac freezer with cryotheum
    enderio power buffer now uses the correct type of blue steel screws
    Mekanism steel casing is no longer osmium gated, moved to MV tier
    DE item dislocator now crafts with impure draconium dust instead of the much harder pure variant
    integrated tunnels importer/exporter are now converted between in an assembler to preserve their nbt clearing shapecraft
    Extra utilities ender shards can now be crafted in the cutting saw instead of glass cutter
    Simple teleporter ender shards can now be crafted in a mixer as well as the artisan table
    fixed zeolite electrolysis recipe
    Salis Mundis can now be crafted in a mixer
    fixed hellfirekiln outputs for dense tin and nickel
    retrievers can now be crafted back into servos
    AE logic processors now require gold plates instead of rose gold plates
    AE printed silicon now craft in batches of 4
    All gt shape molds can now be chiseled to switch between types
    FPGAs are now crafted 8 at a time
    Citrate enhancements should now be craftable and usable
    Soujourner's sash no longer requires runes, craftable with attunement altar and early lv components
    lowered methane from menril eggs to 50 from 80
    increased recipe time from 7.5s to 10s for menril crystal centrifuging to be more in line with log processing
    Lumium is no longer able to melt in the melter
    containment chalice no longer requires advanced arcane mechanisms and the catalyst is now a diluted pool instead of standard
    Overgrowth seeds are now craftable via an infusion recipe    
    Baubly heart canister and relic apple recipes are now LV gated and much easier to get into the bonus hearts
    Steel can now be made quickly and directly from wrought iron now in an arc furnace
    Ardite can now be processed in an arc furnace
    Aluminium ore can be processed in an arc furnace
    added starlight autoclaving for thaumcraft crystal dust
    added alternate dense ore transformation via chemical bath with liquid starlight (in world transmutation still remains as a free method)
    Blocks of iron can be crafted in the compressor once again
    a new lathe recipe to make 3 buckets from a block of iron has been added for enhanced automation options
    added alternate mana pylon recipe that doesn't require the specific astral gem
    added an infusion recipe for a wither skeleton soul
    Added a zen summoning for wither skeleton
    8 smart cables can be crafted into a dense cable
    a dense cable can be decrafted into 8 smart cables
    smart and dense cables can be uncolored in a mixer with water
    Lapis ore clusters now macerate to 12 crushed ores instead of 6
    Crystalized oil is now a 5x multiplier for oil
    Empowered oil is now a 2x multiplier for Crystalized oil (10x multiplication over basic oil in total)
    added an alloy smelter recipe for pink slime

    fixed ZPM diesel gen schematic not properly dropping in aurellia dungeons
    Added texture for astral chicken entity



Cross mod interactions!


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