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FTB Interactions Server updated to mod pack version 2.0.7!


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Server address:  it.craftersland.net


FTB Interactions 2.0.7! This is a small update with updated mods, quests and crafting recipe.

IMPORTANT! FTB Team decided to stop updates on Twitch launcher, so you can find the latest version only on our CraftersLand Launcher or on FTB App.



  • Updated 3 mods
  • Added 2 mods
  • Updated all configs and scripts
  • Server maintenance complete


The update is also available on our Launcher,  download here: LINK


Official change log:


Mod Additions:
    AE2 network visualizer - AE-Net-Vis-Tool-1.12.2-
    AIImprovements-1.12-0.0.1b3 (reduces mob AI overhead substantially)
Mod updates:
    Hit With Axe-1.12.2-1.5.1

    Gregtech update:
    * Added Bone Meal recipe to Mortar (#1178) - LAGIdiot
    * Added Crafting Station to JEI list of crafting tables (#1186) - LAGIdiot
    * Updated Bone Meal recipes to work with Vanilla MC Bone Meal (#1178) - LAGIdiot
    * Updated Crafting Station GUI (#1186) - LAGIdiot
        * Recipes from JEI can be clicked to crafting grid
        * Fixed scrolling via mouse wheel
        * Fixed scroll bar rendering outside of GUI
        * Fixed too many empty rows being rendered on Item List tab
        * Fixed Item List not correctly responding to removal/destruction of adjacent container
    * Updated Energy Crystal and Lapotron Crystal capacity (#1189) - LAGIdiot
    * Fixed Blaze Powder and Bone Meal amount from Macerating recipes (#1178) - LAGIdiot
    * Fixed some Vanilla MC blocks having duplicate recipes (#1188) - LAGIdiot

Config Changes:    
    increased eldritch will ritual to 3x3 chunks instead of 1
    added tooltips for all constellation papers to assist in crafting undiscovered papers
    uncovered lossless cables will now shock you again when powered
    Dense ores with no use have been removed from mining missions and replaced with useful ores
    The gaseous effect from hot or not has been removed. The levitation effect was just too annoying as the game progressed and you're 
    configuring many different fluid types.

Quest Changes:
    fixed ev chapter title localization
    Me controller reward now correctly grants the controllers, it is now a team reward so it is only awarded once per team
    corrected fluid type storage amount on fluid cells
    charcoal byproducts quest now all properly accept cells
    ethylene quest now accept polyethylene as well
    polywhatsit chicken now awards a basic fluid solidifier and ingot mold    
    draconic core quest now gives out a wyvern boosted spawner instead of basic level
    flux quest now gives a few free flux cores
    Flux controller quest now gives 2 input and output nodes
    clarified the space station launch quest text a bit
    added a quest explaining the creation and automation of liquid antimatter
    Completing the DML questline now grants a glitch soul
    added various new rewards

Recipe Changes:
    Community contribute script to convert between ceu/cefs, thanks to Kortako for this one
    ME dense cable uncrafting set to 4 instead of 8 cables
    menril berries added to fruit and berry oredict
    added recipe to cut ender shards with lubricant
    You can now quick craft between skystone variants with a simple shapeless craft
    bismuth transmutation move to botania alchemy instead of starlight transmutation
    removed impossible golden apply deconstruction recipes from macerator/arc furnace, you can still melt them down in the fluid extractor
    added hay barrel recipe to forge hammer
    cobaltite clusters now yield 6 instead of 2
    glowstone and naquadah doped wafters now output more printed silicon per craft
    relic apple now requires eye of ender instead of mana pearl
    enderium lowered to 2500k cooking temp
    fixed citrate enhancement recipe
    added arc furnace recipe to convery polyethylene sheet to ingot
    me glass cable recipe now outputs 4 per craft instead of 1
    enderio me conduits now craft 2 per craft and are crafted with me glass cables and conduit binder (effectively making them the same price as me glass cables+conduit binder)
    Crystalline Alloy ingots are now made with manasteel instead of crystal chunks
    added an assembler recipe to craft wool from woven cotton
    brine tower heater quest now awards a mrAmericaChick 
    Euclydes artifact now requires 2 Demonic Slates
    Granite no longer gives thorium as a maceration byproduct
    concrete now solidifies to 4 blocks with 576mb
    concrete chicken now requires 10368mb of concrete to craft instead of 10 buckets
    concrete egg now makes 72mb of concrete instead of 100
    polywhatsit egg now produces 16mb of polycaprolactam instead of 10    
    plastic chicken now requires 2160mb of polyethylene to craft instead of 2000
    you can now shape craft between flux points and plugs
    advanced blood magic runes crafted in the runic altar now yield 2 runes per craft instead of 1
    added maceration recipes for blitz, basalz and blizz rods to dust

    Blood Magic Rebalance:
    Several useful sigil and utilities have been made accessible pre-space
    Sigil of the Phantom chains is now craftable at T2 blood magic
    Air reagent no longer requires skystone (now requires aluminium foil)
    Whirlwind sigil now requires a t3 slate instead of t5
    Phantom Bridge sigil now craftable with t3 slate instead of 5

    Added a new disassembler multiblock! This will allow you to recycle some of your old components to reclaim subcomponents directly. This is included with an 
    initial recipe list that we'll expand upon and include other mod items in future updates. Special thanks to Hacatu for all their work on this!

       Blank astral sorcery constellation papers added to moon+ dungeons

    Players with incorrect staging for Euclydes, Luna or Aurellia will be ejected to their current overworld coordinates




Cross mod interactions!


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