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[Inventory Rollback] Spaceflannel


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Your Name: Spaceflannel
Coordinates: x= -483 / y= 201 / z= -2145
Time/Timezone/Date: ~8pm / PST / 2020 Aug 25 
Description of Issue: I visited a nuclear wasteland last night and was obviously hit with radiation. I left before it killed me there, but still had the Weakness/Mining Fatigue status. I tried respawning, drinking milk, eating a golden apple, restarting my client, and waiting for server restart but I'm stuck with Weakness and can only hit for 1dmg. I've tried making sure that it wasn't something from NuclearCraft (i.e. I was given some sort of Minecraft cancer or something) but nothing I've seen says that it should be permanent like this.
Screenshots (Optional):

2020-08-26 (2).png

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No player data for your IGN could be found in the backup before the time you provided (4 hours before that time)  so you probably hadn't joined the server back then, so what I did instead was placing your current inventory into a chest in your base and clearing your data.

Tell me if the problem has been solved, and list here anything you are missing and it will be refunded manually.

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