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For the first jet pack ill try to explain on what to do

  1.  1 leather strap =    4 leather and 2 iron ingots= line 1 leather iron leather / line 2 same
  2.  1 flux capacitor=   3 red stone 2 lead ingot 1 sulfur and 1 quadruple battery= line 1 blank red stone blank / line 2 lead ingot quadruple battery lead ingot line/ 3 red stone sulfur red stone
  3.  4 lead ingot
  4. 2 lead stone thruster    to make this is a long process  first step  you'll need  bronze armor plating=  2 blaze power 1 red stone 2 steel plate 1 glass 2 titanium plate = line 1 titanium plate glass titanium plate/ line 2 steel plate red stone  steel plate/ line 3 blaze power blank blaze power                                                                                                                                                                                                     now the next step you'll need  invar plate  you will need 2 chrome plate and the bronze armor plating  same set up as step 1= line 1 chrome plate glass chrome plate /line 2 steel plate red stone steel plate/line 3 blaze power bronze armor plating blaze power                      now you'll need Enderium armor plating  same set up as step 1 and 2 but you'll need signalum plate and the invar armor plating                 now to make the leadstone thruster  same set up as 1,2 and 3 but you'll need  2 Iridium alloy plate and the Enderium armor plating
  5. now to make the jet pack line 1 lead stone ingot flux capacitor leadstone ingot/ line 2 leadstone ingot leather strap leadstone ingot/ line 3 leadstone thruster blank leadstone  thruster
  6.  there's your first jet pack
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