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Dungeons, Dragons and Space Shuttles Modded Server update to modpack version 8.0_R1 is complete!


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Our Dungeons, Dragons and Space Shuttles server got updated to modpack version 8.0_R1 is complete. Time for a big update, a lot of changes. This updated is available on Twitch and CraftersLand Launcher.


  • Updated 42 mods.
  • Updated configs and scripts
  • Un-banned DankNull
  • Added 3 new mods

Official Change log:


Final Patch 8.0_R1 (+Server Pack)
Don't forget to Update your Questbook as well! Command: /bq_admin default load


Included in 8.0 Release 1:
-Solved/Fixed/Added 7 github tickets
-Added missing serverside mod: -ME Capability Adapter
-Added an Electrotin-Alloy-Ingot recipe to nuclearcraft alloy smelter
-Fixed broken raw baguette texture (Custom item)
-Fixed ME quantum ring recipe [AE2]
-Bloodwood planks can now be obtained from both types of bloodwood logs
-Iron and Diamond Wands are now much cheaper [Better Builders Wands]
-Promise of Productivity -> oredicted bowl of promises [Evilcraft]
-Promise of Velocity -> oredicted bowl of promises [Evilcraft]
-Promise of Tenacity 1-3 oredicted all required bowl of promises [Evilcraft]
-Fixed old blue bag loop

-Fixed some Quest Rewards


Included in Alpha 8.0: Important Stuff:
-3 New Mods (302 in total):
     -Little Opener (for redstone compatibility with little tiles)
     -Compact Machines 3
     -ME Capability Adapter (This mod adds only one block, an "ME Capability Adapter", it basically allows Applied Energistics connections over things that proxies capabilities, such as Compact Machines 3 Tunnels)
-Updated DankNull to latest version which was important to fix some dupes and glitches. This was a big update for danknull. You need to empty it before you update the pack. The content will be lost! If you encounter new issues --> Report everything to their github. Thank you.
-The carpenter recipe requires now 9 unique items instead of 10 for "easier" early automation(encoding)


-Updated 42 mods
-Solved/Fixed/Added 24 github tickets
-Draconic Evolution Reactor outputs now 3x more energy then before
-Fixed and reworked Nuclearcraft Fission Controller and Extrem Reactors Controller
-Mekanism machine settings can be reset if you put it in a crafting-grid. (NBT Cleanup will delete stored items and upgrdes)
-Reworked Injecting Factory
-DungeonTactic books are craftable again but can't be put into akashic tome since it will be "eaten"
-Added a pulverizer recipe for coke dust from coal coke
-Added enrichment chambre recipes for all NetherEx-quartz ores to quartz
-Reworked Hypoinfusers
-Added a ender dust recipe to all grinder/pulverizer machines
-Element Chlorine can now be liquified to mekanism liquid Chlorine using the liquifier
-Reworked Cosmic Meatballs and oredicted all ingredients to allow tofu usage
-New craftable item: Creative Wireless Crafting Terminal (AE2) [For RS doesen't make sense since the range is still limited in creative]
-Moved more rings to jewelers worrkshop
-Reworked White and Dark Magic Marble
-Reworked Heat Conductor (for better compatibility with automation interface)
-Reworked Thermal Generator (for better compatibility with automation interface)
-Reworked Lava Mill (for better compatibility with automation interface)

RF-Tools Dimensions:
-Dimension Builder accept now 400k RF/t per side // [before 200k]
-Added Fluid Dimlets for Boosting and Raw Boosintg Mixture with heavy energy costs
-Added Molten Titanium Dimlet
-Added Titanium Block Dimlet
-Added Enderium Block Dimlet
-Added Lumium Block Dimlet
-Added Signalum Block Dimlet
-Removed some liquid dimlets with broken textures which crashes the client like molten lumium

-Advanced Alloy Smelting Factory:
---> Reworked Lead-Platinum alloy to prevent some issues while crafting enderium

-Fixed some more typos
-Fixed some weird Quest Rewards

-Fixed a Clay dupe
-Fixed Nano Saber recipe
-Fixed boosting recipe for 1024K Storage Cell [AE2]
-Fixed Immersive-Engeneering windmills being stopped by snow (Thx to BluSunrize)
-Fixed a crash with Integrated Tunnels when placing fluids in the world without block
-Scorching heat enchantment now fires before Spatial Manipulation, allowing for drops to be smelted before being auto-collected [Thx to Hellfirepvp]

Some important Mowziesmobs changes: [Thx to bobmowzie]
-Hostile mobs that do not spawn with worldgen now despawn when game is set to peaceful mode
-Fixed Wroughtnaut performance issues
-Fixed uncontrollable lantern spawning
-Fixed grottol duplication glitch
-Added Supernova attack to Barako, the Sun Chief - Move away when he starts charging it up!
-Increased Barako's health
-Fixed Barakoa and Barako revenge target logic
-Barako will now attack players in his village who place lava, set fires, or break gold blocks
-Added Axe of a Thousand Metals special attack animations
-Axe of a Thousand Metals special attacks now take enchantments into account
-Axe of a Thousand Metals can only be used in main hand like vanilla weapons
-Numerous interaction issues and crashes fixed

Updated Mods:
-Artisan Automation
-Artisan Integration
-FTB Lib
-FTB Utils
-JEI Harvestcraft
-Large Fluid Tanks
-Rockhounding Chemistry
-Storage Drawers



Hardcore Adventure & Expert Quest-Pack


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