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Upcoming server wipe - suggestions


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Let’s post up any of the known issues here to see what kinds of things can be fixed or that we would like to see fixed here.

1. fixing some of the mob skins would be nice (minor thing).  Such as reapers being pelicans. Zephyrs being ents, and the reverse being true for these. (Those big chicken things as well) 

2. Villagers randomly despawning when kept in captivity. This makes having them very difficult and can ruin a lot of time gathering them. 

3. random deaths when teleporting home. Seems mostly connected with the fairy ring/fairy dew effect. This eats up a lot of time with rollback requests. 

4. Maps do not retain their map image for the overworld. No idea why. 

5. Ability to use multiple vote keys, such as 10 at a time. Or an ability to convert them to higher keys. 


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Hard difficulty raid world; currently it's on normal.

Different than default Lost Cities mod generation template.

Bloodmoon mod setting to not wipe mobs after bloodmoon events end; it's in there.

Tamable lycanites Cockatrice, it's bugged or disabled.

Player sign shop plugin, and an area for it.


how do we vote on these suggestions? post them individually? 

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18 minutes ago, AdmSirRed said:

Another thing to add to the list is more information on the wipe. 

1. What happens to your claim block allowance? 

2. what happens to paid for stuff such as shop size, claim blocks, or other misc stuff.


I can answer number 2. ; if you have ever paid for donor ranks such as VIP, Premium etc... or ''max homes'' or ''max market listings'', if you do not have them after the wipe happened, freely make a Package Reactivation.


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