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Banned from RLcraft server for speedruning the game.


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[1] In-Game Username:

[2] Details of Situation:

Got banned from the server because I was flying and cheating. It is mega obvious that this is bugged.. I was putting on my ring of fairies and removing it to check the hearts difference. The numbers popping over my head shows that I am doing this.. Later we tested with my friends to check the bug and guess what? It bugged again... I'll upload the video... The other reason was that I and my friends had too many items... We all have more than 20 hours in-game.. It is not that hard to have all those items... Clearly the admin that banned me do not know how to play and speedrun the game. I literaly lost 2 days playing the game and was so hyped about the server restart...
I can literally show all my stats and all the gear i have... I have no cheated items??? Yeah I abuse the looting 10 sword. But why the sword is there in the vote chest if I should not use it?

I can make a tutorial how i did everything if you want 

[3] Ban Category:
Violation of rule 1 -1st offenses- using hacked client

[4] Ban Duration:

1 week

[5] Staff Member:


[6] ScreenShots:

I had no time to react so here is a video, of my friends recreating the bug... I have no idea why my character was in the air tho


[7] Your Reason:

I am not a cheater.. And I do not cheat... I just know how to play and speedrun the game.. If the server is not ready for players like me. Me and my teams will go somewhere else. Which is sad tho, because the server was nice. Thank you and have a nice day.

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For the "Violation of rule 1 -1st offenses- using hacked client" i can say that we all (7 friends- 5 active playing qwerio, 69Lover. KAKVOKAZA, Vodomera, Hypeks and 2 not that active Slav and qdbtv) have downloaded your launcher from the site. The link below. 
We all downloaded it at the same day and we can easily prove that we use your launcher by showing you the time we have downloaded and installed the client as it's close to the time we have registrated on your RLCraft server.
I hope you understand fast that its just a visual bug and unban 69Lover fast so we can play together again, the more time passes, the more our desire of playing on your server will disapear and it's quite enjoyable to play as you can see from our play time (more than 15 hours in the first 48 hours after the wipe).

This is also connected to our relatively fast development in the eraly game of the RlCraft. As PapaMaoDONG was worried that we have a buch of emeralds - the looting sword from the crates with enchant 10 works on Vindicators(Illagers) dropping 6-9 emelards per kill. There is one dungeon that has a lot of pillager spawners and if u wait them to spawn(im not exactly sure how many mobs can spawn from one spawner before breaking it) and not break the spawner immediately when interfearing with it you can farm easily emeralds. Its slow process but very efficient. As i said looting 10 sword - from vote. Yes we vote for your server and help him climb in the rankings every day since we have joined. Another evidence that we all are playing without any violation. Why would anyone support a sever and simultaneously use a hacked client? It makes no sence at all.
Last thing, we can also explain to you how we get so much materials and valluable items when all others are still iron. Minor things that helps you beat the eraly game stage in the RLCraft. Because PapaMaoDONG was ready to cut our base with World Edit, without even willing to know how we got so much items.
So i hope the higherup review came today so we can play again on your server. As i said earlier - our desire of playing soon will vanish , when all of us (5+2) can't play together. 


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Looking at the evidence that was posted as a reply here, and looking at the fact that it was all but accidental, I am approving this unban request.

But 69lover, next time, when I /msg you 4-5 times while you aren't AFK, I expect an immediate answer from you. It's your responsibility and that's the only way we can avoid these situations in the near future.

And if you spot any bugs, do not exploit them, but report them directly to the Staff.


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