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[Command Request] AnonymusYo


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Account Name: AnonymusYo

Rank: Sponsor+

Server: Network - Pure Survival and AC (some of the commands I already have in AssasinsCraft)

Requested Commands: /time set ; /speed ; /flyspeed ; /weather ; /fix all (repair) ; WorldEdit ; /tpa without cooldown

Reason for Request: In case of the time set, speed, flyspeed, weather and fix all (Pure Survival) is just for fun, also I have those commands in AC , WorldEdit (Pure Survival) to make easier when building, without abusing the command and tpa without cooldown (i mean /tpa /back /home) (Pure Survival and AssasinsCraft)is to be able to go places without having to wait for time.

Note: I would also appreciate if you can give me the VIP rank in the forum

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