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[Town Rollback Request] BradleyTd89


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Your Name: BradleyTd89
Town Name: Bradsville
Coordinates:  Chunk x:26  z:170  (x425::z2726::y75(4)
Time/Timezone/Date (Post a time/date when everything was fine): 8:30 AM UTC 12/24/2020
Description of Issue:  Was given a jar with a hungry node. Mouse spazzed and hungry node ate several chests containing valuble coins and 1-time items.
Screenshots (Optional): 


Please can we only roll back the single chunk and not the entire town? I have been doing stuff since then for the past 5 hours



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  • Manager

Sorry, I didn't read that last part and it seems I didn't read the description properly either. Rollbacks are only accepted if they are caused by a server issue, and this one isn't elegible.

The area should be back to how it was, but if there's something missing let me know.

Also for the things you lost and that you asked the rollback for, if there's something really important that you lost it may be refunded, otherwise you'll have to deal with the consequences of your errors.

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  • Manager

The timestamp on the current region was January 2nd 7am EST, quite far from the 24-36h difference you are claiming. There's no other backup that's closer to that time, so this is as close as we can get.

If anything was lost you'll need to list it here for it to be refund manually.

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This isn't everything; but it is the most important.

GT Tools have been converted into a quick rough estimate of ingots(does not mean all requested ingots are from tools)


74 catwalk

113 fish oil fluid cells

66 propane fluid cells

12 large steel cells naptha

47 large steel cells hydrogen

14 large steel cells empty

17 diesel fluid cells

16 cetene diesel fluid cells

61 lightly hydro-cracked naptha

162 vote keys

14 legendary keys

3 mystic keys

4 diamond blocks

steam jetpack

61 ztone lights *flatlamp*

tinkers construct tools (full steel excavator, lumber axe, hammer. All full steel, Fully modded with redstone at the very least. 11 levels minimum each)

1 compressed chest

33 iron energy conduit (ender IO)

portable scanner

2 basic distilleries

2 4x LV Battery boxes

7 steam valve (LV)

advanced chemical reactor

advanced macerator

basic autoclave

adventure backpack - pig- 

1 hose (from adventure backpack)

22 redstone alloy cables

6 lv circuts

3 mv circuts

2 industrial information pannels + 2 extenders

2 Gregtech Sensors

2 mv steam turbines

26 ingots vanasteel (from GT tools)

128 Tin Ingots (includes ingots and from item pipes)

312 Steel Ingots (includes ingots and from fluid pipes)

30 iron tank walls

2 iron tank dains

2 iron tank glass

1 quad compressed coal

blank upgrade (steves carts2)

161 empty fluid cells

3 MV Pump

2 MV Conveyor

Advanced Electrolyzer

2 LV steam turbines

1 LV input hatch, output hatch, input bus, maintinence, muffler

32 bronze plated bricks

5 bronze firebox casing

2 braintech ducttape

18 raw carbon mesh

LV soldering iron

6 Low Voltage Fluid tanks

4 lv combustion gens


and thats is what is important to me that I lost.

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