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Mob farm and chunkloading


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I create a mob farm with cursed earth.

I put an iron block and setup with a blaze rod a 1x1 chunkloader.

All my farm fit in this chunk.

But when I leave this spot, the farm doesn't work. No more loot.


I precise that the farm work when I'm near it and I try to put a cobblestone in a furnace/do to spawn/come back after 5 mins/cobblestone was smelt, so it's not the chunkloading the problems I suppose...


Thanks in advance



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About the mob farm and chunkloading, you shouldn't put too much entities (mobs) in a small radius of chunk (ideally, it should be 16x16),because if there are too many entities, eventually clearlag will happen which will result in their disappearance.

About the TPS, it's a problem since the server opened because of it's heavy modpacks and very laggy chunks that players load in. Occasional server restarts should solve those hiccups.

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My mobfarm always fit in one chunk.

This one is like 14x14.

But it's cursed earth and a very small amount of entities spawn.

It's the problem... not normal it doesn't work at all...


And for tps problem, i totally disagree, I played on FTB revelations with twice the number of players, more mods and less problems happened...

In an other server, I played Enigmatica 2 Expert, same, more mods, more players, more entities, less lag...

So someone need to investigate...

I don't know if you play a little on the server but the restart doesn't change anything. 5min after it's like before.

You can play when you are a few players online, overwise it's tps drop and rollback

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