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my apologies for what happend in the past


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hello all


So this post is mostly aimed at  the people i was staff with at the time when the incidents occured. but also for all the rest the somehow got caught up with the mess i caused.


so when i came back a few months ago. after being gone for more than a year, i noticed some people still have a grudge against me. thats why i'm making this post now. to apologise to everyone i might have annoyed,pissed off, or offended.

I don't know why i behaved the way i did. but i now realise i was behaving very childish. so i want to apologise for this. 


now i want to especially apologise to @Henk since i kept bugging him in DM's for over a month. even when he blocked me i used my alt account. I have now read back alot of our messages and have found out that you had alot of patience with me. and actually tried to prevent me from doing the stupid things i did. I don't understand how you kept your cool. but i respect that.


i know i can't turn back everything that happend. however i hope with this post that people can forgive me. and hopefully give me a second change.


Greetings ItsBattlepro_ 



TL:DR i'm sorry for my behaviour one and a half year ago. 

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