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Inventory rollback request alooid


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  • 2 weeks later...

the items that I can remember:

full bronze dragon armor. Enchants were: protection v , adv mending and burning thorns on all pieces, strengthened vitality v on 3 of the pieces doesnt rly matter which ones to me, depth strider on my boots. all the armor was legendary quality

trinkets: fairy ring, stone of greater inertia, dragon eye, 2 regen rings, amulet of the sea

weapons: flamed dragon bow enchants: multishot and adv power 3 and adv mending and infinity and strafe

tools: diamond pickaxe: adv efficiency 3, tunneling, anv mending. Diamond axe efficiency 3

ender staff


I had a bunch of shulkers with loot but i cant rly remember what was in them so just 5 shulkers is fine the items don't rly matter.


Do i need to be on to recieve the refund of items or will it just go to my inventory

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