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Inventory Rollback


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Your Name: SparkinqZ
Coordinates: -6806x -8423z
Time/Date (Post a time/date when everything was fine): 4/02/2021
Description of Issue: I was playing when I cam across a dungeon and in this dungeon a bunch of Gorgons spawned. They ended up killing so I thought it was no big deal and I did /back to regain my items. When I got there nearly all of it was gone. I didn't get a screenshot but the list of items that I can think of are: 

Full prot4, unb3, mending tidal armor

Ice dragonbone sword with sup. sharp 5, unb3, advanced mending, looting 3


Regeneration ring

Strength Ring

Gamble Pickaxe Fortune 3, unbr 3, advanced mending

Please fix this as soon as possible so I can go back to enjoying the game as this glitch has ruined it for me after spending weeks of hard work for that.
Screenshots (Optional): Sadly I didn't have any screenshots as this was completely unexpected and disappointing.

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