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RLCraft server time for WIPE? Vote here!


RLCraft WIPE Pool  

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  1. 1. Time for a WIPE on RLCraft server?

    • YES! New map seeds and a fresh start for all.
    • NO! WIPE is not needed!
    • NO! Let's wait a bit more until new RLCraft update is released!
    • I don't care just show me the results.

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Server address:  rl.craftersland.net


Is it time for a server WIPE on RLCraft modded server? This map is running since 12 November 2020 and we also got requests from players for WIPE. This means a full server reset except for ranks, new map seeds and a fresh start for all. We will provide a main world download link after the WIPE.

However keep in mind that there is a big update on this modpack in the works and on release that will require a server WIPE, problem is we don't have a release date for it so it could be weeks or months, we already waited for it 2 months, so keep this in mind while voting.

Vote in the pool above and let us know what you think.

Check the server live maps here!


Download the mod pack using our launcher here: LINK

Banned Items: HERE!

Daily Reward: HERE!

Donate to support us: HERE!



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