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Introducing SkyFactions - New server released!


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Hi everyone!

It's no secret that we've spent the last few months working on a new factions server that will be the latest addition to our vanilla network. Seeing as most of you voted for MC version 1.8, we've been adapting our ideas and content to fit this old -but gold!- standard. Now, while 1.8 is a tried and tested version that's been out for a very long time, it does come with its own set of limitations in terms of design, infrastructure and range of new content that we're able to implement.

Technically, this is a BETA RELEASE, so it's likely that you will encounter bugs or inconsistencies along the way. Please be sure to report any issues so that we're able to improve. In the event that a major issue comes up that affects the server's stability, player and/or economy data could be wiped as part of the fixing process. 

With all that out of the way, allow me to introduce you to some of the key features of our new factions server. Extra features will be added over time based on player feedback and suggestions, while some of them (for example, kits) are currently in the works.


What's running behind the scenes?

At the heart of our server is a powerful factions plugin that comes with all the bells and whistles you've come to expect from a setup like this. Forge your very own faction and run it the way you like with an integrated, robust permissions system that allows for fine grained control over your faction members and the actions they are allowed to perform. Manage your faction money and TNT banks, create virtual faction chests, warps, missions and much more with ease. We've made a separate mini-guide topic here to help you get started with all the basic faction commands.

Warps: A new way to travel

Before we get into what warps are, let me give you a bit of context and explain why we're calling this 'SkyFactions'.

Basically, our main map consists of several large islands that come in all different shapes, sizes, biomes and custom terrain configuratons. As you can imagine, with over 25 different islands spread across the whole map, traversing the skylands is no easy feat. Even though most of the islands are relatively close to each other and not crazy hard to reach, you're probably going to need a more efficient way to move around. 

A major component of the new server that was quite complex and time consuming to implement is our custom warp setup that provides convenient access to about half the islands. There are a total of 12 warps set up (one for each of the biggest islands on the map), which you can access through our selector gui with /ws. Eight (8) of them (for the 4 biggest islands - 2 warps per island) are available to all players by default, while the rest of them can be unlocked via donor ranks (incrementally), or by getting yourself a Traveller's Pass.

What is a Traveller's Pass, you ask? It's basically your golden ticket that gives you full access to all warps. It can be purchased from our store or unlocked in-game using a token (rare crate reward) + cash combination. One of our future goals is to provide more in-game methods of getting access to premium convenience warps.

Some screenshots:



The highlighted warps are the ones available to everyone. The rest are VIP, Premium and Sponsor warps.

Price is subejct to change.

Other features include:




(available through /jobs browse)


Server and player shops
(using /shop and /ah, respectively)


A custom end world
(portal at Spawn)


.. as well as a daily parkour


Future implementations include:

  • Custom rewards for raids, kills, as well as custom mobs
  • A designated area for server PvP events!
  • Other cool stuff based on your suggestions 😜

Note: If you're a donator with a network (global) rank (Network VIP/Premium/Sponsor/Sponsor+), you should submit a re-activation request (following the template provided) in order to have your rank activated in SkyFactions. Server ranks (VIP and Premium) will also be available to purchase in our store very soon.

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2 hours ago, Cursed said:

@brunyman put the lobby in 1.8 with viaversions or idk, i cant enter factions with 1.8 only with 1.19 :c

That's how it's supposed to work. You can use the latest client version (1.19) to join the lobby, as well as our other servers that are running on older versions of MC. It doesn't change anything on the server itself, so it'll remain as is.

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Yes, schematic, crystal launcher for cannons etc... 

according to jimmel nothing changes but when you enter 1.19 the placement of blocks is bug, the blockhit appears the shield and 
the dive/swim animation is the one from 1.19, plus the attack icon from 1.19 comes out too
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