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Nomifactory CEu server update to modpack 1.4.2!


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Server address:  nomi.craftersland.net


Time for a server update to modpack version 1.4.2 from version 1.4 on our Nomifactory CEu server, fixes and tweaks time.



  • Updated mods, scripts and configs, details below


Official changelog:



Breaking changes:

  • Update CEu to 2.4.4
  • Fixes NBT scanning in recipes. This also hides but doesn't remove the Dark Red Coal temporary fix. Closes #123
  • Added a Liquid Helium requirement for cooling certain hot ingots such as Draconium

General changes:

  • Add a warning tooltip for Gas Charge Pad (#96, #111)
  • Tweaks to Microverse Projectors (#139)
  • Add a pack mode switcher for Unix (#128)

Bug fixes:

  • Fix Ender Chest recipe (#115)
  • Fixes a LazyAE2 script error (#130, #132)
  • Fixes several JEI recipes not showing up (#114)
  • Fixes several Cleanroom oversights



Breaking changes:

  • Favour Avaritia and MorePlates version of Infinity items over GregTech version
  • This should not break existing crafting setups, and items can be converted back easily

Gameplay changes:

  • Added compatibility scripts for AE2 Fluid Crafting, Compact Machines, Flux Networks, and Lazy AE2
  • Added the Orbital Laser Drill
  • (Hard mode) Added the T8.5 MM, which produces Darmstadtium and Duranium
  • (Hard mode) Added new endgame Rare Earth production which produces Lutetium and Europium
  • (Hard mode) Disable AE2 channels by default

Fixes and minor changes:

  • Resolved Black Steel, Rotary Hearth Furnace, and Bulk Blast Chiller being uncraftable due to CEu bugs
  • Improved both questbooks (#94, #100, #102, #106, #109)
  • Fixed faulty Launch Pad recipe
  • Fixed faulty Project Red oredicts for Ruby and Sapphire
  • Added a recipe to Butadiene from Ethanol
  • Added Tough Alloy to the Alloy Blast
  • Update HEI and AE2
  • Added Quartz Knife, which can rename Interfaces in-world





The deep tech pack!


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