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I wanted to ask a factions wipe since TEKKIT and the Skyfactory server are having a wipe too I think this should be done because there is too many abusements items from early players like Maximus_SD and Blademasterr and there is very much level 127 items if u ask it to the right person u can get it there are too many old factions from players who are never online after u left the spawn there are like big holes in the ground and old buildings that got raided if Any player comes on it will be full diamond in a few hours because the NBT spawned chest are like everywhere I am the only one who buyed OP potions and now they all duped and filled in chest from almost every fac so the server economy us down on that part too.

I think I gave enough reasons to have a server wipe the server is like 6 or 7 months old I think and its way too much abusive.

Its not that im jealous on the Other factions I have like 37 members and 200 power so thats not my problem I think its better for the server and pls remove the commands like gm sp or control plus scroll to make NBT+ chests so the server will be better.

Bye arvindre,

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No I am pro in abusing I can tell u everythiG XD look if u place a dmd block then break it in gm 0 u get it without it would be spawned in then u dupe it and its done u have all items u want but bugged freakyforester je moet het eens proberen XD

And yes Space Factions looks nice its something different I think it will be fun I think I get more info about it.

For now bye and thanks that people like brunyman and power warp responded to this :)

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