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Craftersland On Youtube - Record Us And Get Rewards! - August


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Hello minecrafters, this is a monthly event, at the beginning of every month we will reward videos recorded on craftersland that have 100+ views!


Your video must  have:

  1. The video must be recorded on one of our servers and uploaded during this month.

  2. The video title should have somewhere: on CraftersLand.
  3. Place in the video description: (if you recorded on tekkit, skyfactory of ftb, replace the server address with the address of the server you recorded on)

Server address:

  -  EU:  play.craftersland.eu

  -  US:  play.craftersland.us

  -  Non-Premium:  mc.craftersland.net


Website address: www.craftersland.net

Forum address:  forum.craftersland.net


      4.  Get 100+ views to get rewards. If you get 1000+ you will get YouTuber on all Network Servers. 


:!:  Post the video here and don't forget to tell us your ingame name!



  • Video can be recorded in any language, your target is to get 100+ views.

  • The rewards are given at the beginning of every month sometime in the first week.

  • As rewards you can get Ranks (YouTuber, VIP, Premium), Crafts and perks.

  • Also the perks are given on the server you record the video. But you can record more videos, not just one.


Start recording us, post the video here, get 100+ views and at the beginning of every month you will get a reward

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My NICK is MrDog Tanks :3

Hello today I come to put this post to ask my youtuber range because I have over 100 subscribers and 1 video 100 or more visualizations

if I want to accept my thank you very much let down link channel for the chequen




tanks :3

this video


ip: play.craftersland.eu


Mode: Assassin Craft v.1


Powerwarp: Accepted as a standard youtuber

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Hello everyone!


My name is Ismael18L.


While got a video showing 46 minutes almost every parkours of ACV1 and post Youtuber was not open during that month and many lost that opportunity.

Until today, it exceeded 100 100 subscribers and views on the video.




Channel Official: http://www.youtube.com/user/CrewiCzYT

Channel Reports: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCpRxxH3Px3dAkwTQyN0Vr-g




Server: ACV1



Powerwarp: Accepted

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Hello everyone


I am ElGamesHD


I'm here to ask you the Youtuber on this server I have come to have a video with over 150 visits and more than 160 subscribers have if I haceptais the application makes many more videos but many server


Thanks for taking your time to read me a greeting ElGamesHD



Here the video



Mode: Assassin Craft v.1


Powerwarp: Accepted

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