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  1. Hi everyone! After 6 months or so of not logging in to Craftersland (The non-modded vanilla server) I discovered that #1: The updates are amazing! #2: My Minecraft skin is gone (I don't know why; I logged in through the premium launcher and through the premium craftersland ip: play.craftersland.us #3: My Sponsor rank aswell as my special commands in Assassin's craft are gone. ______________________________________________ TL;DR I'm requesting that I get my rank reactivated and given special commands: Previous IGN: TheDiamondPro49 (The one shown in the proof of purchase) Current IGN: DmdPlayz Rank: Sponsor Server: Vanilla (Non-modded) Proof of Purchase: [Attached] Commands requested: [FOR ASSASSIN'S CRAFT SERVER] /flyspeed and /walkspeed - I will not use any of these for malicious purposes, only to fly faster to parkours and dungeons, and walk faster to guide new players to parkours so they can start off good🙂 PLEASE EMAIL ME OR MESSAGE ME THROUGH THE FORUMS IF YOU NEED MORE PROOF. THANK YOU!
  2. *bumping this again someone please see this*
  3. *bump again* Can a staff member see this? Thanks.
  4. So that's why brunyman's been so busy lately...
  5. Account Name: DmdPlayz Rank: Sponsor Requested Commands: - /speed (essentials.speed+essentials.speed.fly) Reason for Request: Fly faster to get to dungeons faster.
  6. I need a password reset for these accounts: "maticelle" "TheDiamondPro49" Thx. Much love <3 :3 @brunyman @staff
  7. I saw someone named "theDarkNightmare" throwing an HB at me in spawn which is illegal pls fix this bug soon. Although I was also holding thee HB in my hand i wasnt using it just to show u what HE was using. Heres the link to the evidence: http://imgur.com/a/szpTl
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