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  1. Account Name: Kvittaz Rank: Sponsor Requested Commands: WorldEdit and Vanish Reason for Request: Vanish: so that I can watch what's happening to the server while they don't know that I'm there. WorldEdit: When working on a big project worldEdit will make the job a lot faster. I also have years of experience with WorldEdit, so I know all the dangers behind it and will avoid those.
  2. Just donated for Sponsor, and need reactivation of my helper rank. I also don't have Sponsor in chat. Thanks for the help.
  3. No, still on 5 hearts max health sadly. Probably need a reset on the playerdata.
  4. Hey. I was in morph when the server crashed. After the crash when I logged in all my morphs were reset, and my max health stopped at 5 Hearts Now if I morph into by example a Forest raven who has 5 Hearts max health, I suddenly have only half a heart HP.
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