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  1. It Worked But I lost my Friends's Staff Of Power And Core idk like 2 awakend Edit: Found it Sorry
  2. Still can't log in , 5th day sadly
  3. there was a hacker Spawning hydras next to our bases Mine Got Destroyed too and it was next to urs
  4. Blood Altar - Ritual Stone My Friend told me that i lost those
  5. Your Name: Joey_pcCoordinates: idk at my townTime/Date (Post a time/date when everything was fine): 11/15 at 6-10 pm at UTC+3:00 Kuwait, RiyadhDescription of Issue: Can't Log In java.io.EOFException I got Too Many Items In My Inventory Screenshots (Optional): None
  6. hydras broke some of it again and i can't kill it with staff of power
  7. Your Name: Joey_pcTown Name: FriendsCoordinates: x:300 z:270 y:12 to 255Time/Date (Post a time/date when everything was fine): 11/13 any time Description of Issue: Hydra Destroyed 99% of my baseScreenshots (Optional): can't add one 1mb size
  8. I mean having a support is always good. i played in infinity and tekkit , Continuum is too similar to infinity so playing something like skyfactory is so cool and i don't want to play on other server for the lack of support and ping , most of the stoneblock servers are pay2win
  9. I'm dying to make this happen .... >>>>> Please Do It <<<<< >>>>> Super Funny <<<<<
  10. I Think This Will Be A Great Edition For The CraftIsLanders As Hole , So Can We Make It Happen Any Of This Modpacks Will Really Work (StoneBlock / AllTheMods3 / StvTech) Edit : Please Write What You Like In Reply
  11. Your Name: DragonXrageCoordinates: x:300 , y = 71 , z = 270Time/Date (Post a time/date when everything was fine): 4:00am GMT+3,7th Oct 2018Description of Issue: Server Restarted And My Items Reset To A starter PlayerScreenshots (Optional): null
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