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[Suggestion] Stoneblock Server

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I have seen this new Stoneblock mod pack & thought I would try it on a server.

It's a quest mod pack and I played about an hour on a server and seems very stable.


The pack doesn't start like skyblock, your spawned into a stone room and work from there like in skyblock with Sieve's and crucible's.

I think the pack would be very popular and its a pack that is played over a long term.


@brunyman Would be very grateful if you would consider it.

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I mean that's hard.

I'm sure everyone has a mod they all for I myself want to play an updated tekkit, however the Continuum server is new you can give it a try its pretty hardcore as well.

Also Continuum is similar to tekkit and I think its getting frequent updates.

So for a new modded server it'll take a while, from what I think.

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I would love to pump out servers on a conveyor belt, but we always need to take some time to step back and look at what we have before jumping into developing a new server. Like how ever since continuum released we've made a bunch of updates to Network, pushing it to 1.13.2, and releasing ACv2. We have also done a bunch of balancing on the modded servers with the focus on reducing lag and fixing old issues.

If we were to keep pushing out server after server, we wouldn't have time to do things like this behind the scenes, and while it's intended for the average player not to notice the work that we do, it is absolutely necessary that it's done or that's when you first will notice it :P


As of right now there are no plans for a new modded server and which pack we will use is yet undetermined. In the past we had planned servers based on the popularity, like how a Continuum server was planned before Revelations even released. A few modpacks that we are currently looking at would be Skyfactory 4 - yet to be released - and Sky Adventures. If FTB in the meantime releases another full fletched modpack that gains a lot of popularity then that would of course be another candidate. 


We will see. StoneBlock isn't completely out of the question and would still get considered, but I'm not going to make that decision now.


Besides, we usually put a modpack into development for atleast a month, sometimes two. So to publish a new servers is also a lot of work. 

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I mean having a support is always good. 
i played in infinity and tekkit , Continuum is too similar to infinity
so playing something like skyfactory is so cool and i don't want to play on other server for the lack of support and ping , most of the stoneblock servers are  pay2win


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