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  1. i found your grave its on the roof but no rocket
  2. i could be wrong but it looks like you need to resize the java (Invalid maximum heap size: -Xmx4096M) this part here
  3. it is a pvp server but if it was for no reason and with out warning I don't allow it even if you teleport/rtp with out knowing the other end is I don't allow it without reason who was it
  4. For the first jet pack ill try to explain on what to do 1 leather strap = 4 leather and 2 iron ingots= line 1 leather iron leather / line 2 same 1 flux capacitor= 3 red stone 2 lead ingot 1 sulfur and 1 quadruple battery= line 1 blank red stone blank / line 2 lead ingot quadruple battery lead ingot line/ 3 red stone sulfur red stone 4 lead ingot 2 lead stone thruster to make this is a long process first step you'll need bronze armor plating= 2 blaze power 1 red stone 2 steel plate 1 glass 2 titanium plate = line 1 titanium plate glass titanium plate/ li
  5. what server pack were you trying to get into
  6. OutlawUSA


    (1) do you have proof like a screen shot (2) what server is it on (3) contact the admins for that server if can (4)
  7. ive tried playing the 3 highest ranks one I lag so hard after i was for 2 min couldnt play any more froze the games
  8. ya we all were having that problem hopefully its fix I hope
  9. I decided to play on some of these here just to see what they are I was lagging so hard almost all the ones I play for a bit
  10. what did you lose when i can get on having prob. with computer ill get what i can back
  11. ok ill get it for ya ill be at my place let me know when your on
  12. if you can see if you still got the email on it for proof so that the higher ups can see and help out on this
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